INTEON Team und Region

Efficient marketing creates the base for successful sales activities. Use our specific knowledge, experience and technical infrastructure to enhance your marketing.

Marketing Services

Statements about product and purveyor need to be clear, correct, positive and interesting. Starting with a functioning telephone script and ending with consolidation of information channels in both look and content, in print and online our marketing services are aimed at finding customers for your products.

  • You get an assesment of your marketing situation.We point out gaps and Show ways of improvement.

  • A realistic market assessment based on varied information is provided and analysed by us.

  • Together we define a marketing plan and agree on the approach best suited to your requirements.

  • Marketing activities such as advertisements, brochures, website development or trade fair appearances are developed together or carried out on your behalf.

Marketing and sales are interconnected fields with the same aim: to achieve the sale the customer is informed in the best possible way about product benefits and advantages.